Shanti Portraits, 1985-1987

Photography by Judi Iranyi

Judi Iranyi first learned about Shanti when her son, Michael Stone, was diagnosed as having AIDS and his volunteer came to their home. After Michael passed away, Judi became a Shanti client and attended a support group for grieving family members and loved ones. Her and her husband, Ralph E. Stone, shared their story in a Shanti newsletter and with the media; becoming a public face for parents who had lost their adult children to AIDS. She became a volunteer and the unofficial organizational photographer between 1985 and 1987. These photographs are the result of those two years. After her time at Shanti, Judi went back to school and got a Masters in Social Work at San Francisco State and organized Kaiser Permanente’s AIDS volunteer program. You can learn more about Judi Iranyi’s photography and her son Michael here: 

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These photos allow for comments in hopes that people will help identify individuals in these group photos in photographs. If a group photograph has individuals identified there will be a * asterisk to note that some individuals have been identified. There are no dates accompanying the photos. Judi began this process on a public FaceBook group and has agreed to expand the effort of identifying more people.

The individual group portraits also allow space for people to identify the unknown men and women. Portraits of individuals that are accompanied with text are also denoted by an asterisk *.

These images will be continually updated to identify individuals, dates, and most importantly, accompanying stories and narratives. To receive updates when this happens please sign up for the newsletter below.

Shanti Portraits

Individual portraits that have additional information are highlighted by an * asterisk.

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  1. Oh my. How much love we generated together in our efforts to heal others., as well as ourselves. Magic. What a blessing to see and remember transformative moments with so many of these extraordinary human beings. We will never be the same.

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