Active Listening

“By using active listening skills the counselor helps the counselee to clarify his or her thoughts and feelings, and to explore the various options and solutions…we do not assume that we can know what a person is thinking or feeling better than that person himself.”

-“Introduction to Peer Counseling” in Volunteer Training Manual, circa 1982.

With hopes that more people from Shanti Project will be interviewed, this section is the beginning of a larger database of oral histories focused on Shanti Project and made available to researchers and people who are interested in learning more the AIDS epidemic. Periodically audio clips will be added to the profiles that were included here. Each photo will soon be accompanied by biographical information for each participant. The ability to record more interviews, as of now, is limited. If you would like to be interviewed or have your story or personal materials shared on this site please email us.

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Oral Histories

In chronological order, 2016 to the present